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Elhokar Kholin
Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Born 1147
Status Alive
Physical Description
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Green
Social Information
Title(s) Brightlord, King of Alethkar
Family House Kholin
Occupation King
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance

Elhokar Kholin is the King of Alethkar, son of Gavilar and Navani and younger brother of Jasnah. He is 27 and a Shardbearer; his Shardblade is called Sunraiser. Unlike his uncle, Dalinar, and cousin, Adolin, Elhokar does not ride a Ryshadium, although he does ride one of the best amongst Shin stock named Vengeance.[1]

He has an intense fear of assassination due to the way in which his father was killed. His fear is often misplaced and he sees trivial things as acts of aggression toward him by unseen enemies. He has doubts about his ability as a king, despite the assurances of his uncle, Dalinar.

While he is the Alethi King, he is absent from his kingdom and holds his court on the borders of the Shattered Plains, along with ten Highprinces, at war with the Parshendi and seeking to fulfill the Vengeance Pact. It is possible that he has an ability associated with Shadesmar, akin to that of Shallan, since he too sees strange creatures with symbols and shapes for their heads, although he appears to see them directly rather than through drawings as Shallan does.

I see their faces in mirrors. Symbols, twisted, inhuman.[2]

And yet ...

When you came, the shadows went away.

The ... shadows?

I saw them in mirrors, in the corners of my eyes. I could swear I even heard them whispering, but you frightened them. I haven't seen them since. There's something about you. Don't try to deny it.

–Elhokar to Kaladin[2]


Elhokar is a good man, both by Dalinar and Kaladin's standards, though the latter also believes the king to be spoiled. He is used to doing his own thing and getting his own way. However, he is also used to being surrounded by domineering people of various sorts.[3] He is paranoid, due in part to his father, Gavilar, being assassinated by Szeth, and in part by the symbols and shadows he believes he sees in mirrors.[2] He is short-tempered when he believes his authority is being challenged, mainly due to an inferiority complex. He doesn't believe he is a good king, and constantly compares himself to his father and uncle. He can admit when he is wrong, but only to himself, and he wishes deeply that he was a better leader.


  • Gavilar Kholin - Father (deceased)
  • Navani Kholin - Mother
  • Jasnah Kholin - Sister
  • Aesudan Kholin - Wife
  • Unnamed child - Son[4]
  • Dalinar Kholin - Uncle
  • Shshshsh - Aunt (status unknown)
  • Adolin Kholin- Cousin
  • Renarin Kholin - Cousin


By the end of Words of Radiance, Elhokar is twenty-seven years old.


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