Surge4 Ideal-Essence-4
The Order's two Surges: Abrasion (top left),

Progression (bottom left) and Ideal/Essence.

Edgedancers are one of the Ten Orders of Knights Radiant. Edgedancers share the Surges of Dustbringers (Abrasion) and Truthwatchers (Progression). Vedel is the patron of this Order.


When Simol was informed of the arrival of the Edgedancers, a concealed consternation and terror, as is common in such cases, fell upon him; although they were not the most demanding of orders, their graceful, limber movements hid a deadliness that was, by this time, quite renowned; also, they were the most articulate and refined of the Radiants.

–From Words of Radiance, chapter 20, page 12[1]

"They were once a glorious order," Darkness said ... . "Where you blunder, they were elegant things of beauty. They could ride the thinnest rope at speed, dance across rooftops, move through a battlefield like a ribbon on the wind.

"It is unfortunate they were always so concerned with small-minded things, while ignoring those of greater import."

Darkness to Lift[2]


As described above, while they were not the most demanding of Orders, their graceful, limber movements hid a deadliness that was quite renowned. They were also the most articulate and refined of the Radiants.[1][2]


They glow faintly while Surgebinding.[3]


  • Edgedancers can ignore friction, like water flowing over the body, without slowing.[3]
  • Lift can metabolize food directly into Stormlight.[2]
  • Edgedancers can cause Regrowth of certain things.[2]

Known EdgedancersEdit

Immortal WordsEdit

The First IdealEdit

Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.[4]

The Second IdealEdit

I will remember those who have been forgotten.[2]

The Third IdealEdit

I will listen to those who have been ignored.[5]


Edgedancers' Resonance is a "perk" ... or, again, a merger of their two Surges.[6] (It is possible that Lift's ability to speak with others in unknown dialects in the novella, Edgedancer, is related to her Resonance.).

Edge wall


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