Dullform dread, with the mind most lost.
The lowest, and the one not bright.
To find this form, one need banish the cost.
It finds you and brings you to blight.

–From the Listener Song of Listing, final stanza[1]

According to Eshonai, dullform was a relic of the past.[2]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

This form is similar to the parshmen, or slaveform Parshendi (i.e., they have black skin mottled with red tones, they are not of a muscular build and appear almost completely mute[3]). However, dullform Parshendi are taller and more intelligent than slaveforms, though the form is still greatly limited. The ability to think complex thoughts is challenging in this form.[4] However, there are those Parshendi who've chosen dullform because they believe the humans won't kill them when they come to Narak.[4]

Transformation ProcessEdit

Bonding with the wrong spren can cause a Parshendi to suffer dullform.[4]