The Dawnsingers are widely believed to have given humanity the gifts of the symmetrical glyphs and Alethi Script.[1]

... Surely you know the story, that both glyphs and letters came from the Dawnsingers?

Kabsal to Shallan[1]

They also founded the Dawncities and possibly cut the chambers of the Palanaeum. They likely existed during or before the Heraldic Epochs.

... Some think these chambers might have been cut by the Dawnsingers themselves.

–Explained to Shallan by a master-servant about the Palanaeum[2]

According to the Ardentia, the Dawnsingers are believed to be some sort of kindly spren, healers, sent by the Almighty to care for humans once they were forced out of the Tranquiline Halls.[3]

Shallan: "What about the Dawnsingers? ... Couldn't they have created it?"

Kabsal: "That isn't the kind of thing the Dawnsingers did. They were healers, kindly spren sent by the Almighty to care for humans once we were forced out of the Tranquiline Halls." [3]


Dawnsingers being kindly spren, may be misleading. So far it does not appear that in the past spren were in abundance the way they are now. This might be an interpretation or alteration by Vorinism.

Q&A with BrandonEdit

Q. You once told me that Roshar is the name of the planet from the Cosmere-literate point of view. Were the Dawnsingers Cosmere-literate?

A. There are various levels of Cosmere awareness.[4]