A strange dark sphere was given to Szeth by Gavilar upon his death, who said "Take this. They must not get it."[1] Szeth later hid the sphere in Jah Keved.[2]


The sphere is described as small, crystalline, and completely dark. It glows with a black light[1] as if it has an aura of blackness, a phantom light that is not light. Faintly violet. It seems to suck in the light around it.[3]

(According to Brandon, the dark light of the sphere is something different and distinct, and is related to a Shard.[4])


It is said that this sphere is used to trap spren.[5]


Its Investiture is of Odium, like Stormlight is of Honor, by which Voidbinding is fueled. The light of the sphere can be referred to as Voidlight.[6]

Took claims to have stolen a similarly described sphere from the Nightwatcher.[2] The sphere may be related to Cultivation's magic system, the Old Magic.

Could this be the spren of which Gavilar spoke (i.e., "an ancient, crucial spren) which inhabits the sphere of which Eshonai and members of the Council of Five are so afraid, which ultimately is the impetus for Gavilar's assassination?[3]