Brightness Kholin
Biographical information
Ethnicity Iriali
Nationality Alethi
Gender Female
Status Unknown
Physical Description
Hair Color Blonde
Social Information
Title(s) Brightness
Family House Kholin
Appears in The Way of Kings (mentioned),
Words of Radiance (mentioned)

Brightness Kholin is/was Dalinar Kholin's wife and the mother of Adolin and Renarin. Because of Dalinar's visit to the Nightwatcher, he can no longer hear his wife's name. Instead, he hears rushing air (Shshshsh).[1] Her status is unknown, but it is implied that she died in 1163.

Presumably, more will be revealed of her in Oathbringer, which will feature Dalinar's flashbacks.


Dalinar spent three years courting her, remembers how persistently he'd pursued her, but all of his emotion regarding her is gone within him.[2]

References to Brightness Kholin mostly appear within The Stormlight Archive in Dalinar's visions. Dalinar is unable to recall the features of her face, and he remembers her as a blur. When someone speaks her name in front of him, he hears only the sound of rushing air: Shshshsh.

When others spoke it, it slipped from his mind, like a pat of butter sliding off a too-hot knife.[3]

The reason that Dalinar is unable to recall his wife's face or hear her name is because he made a deal with the Nightwatcher. The Nightwatcher grants a boon in exchange for a curse (via use of the Old Magic). It is unknown whether Dalinar's inability to remember his wife was the given curse or the boon.



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