Brightlord Roshone
Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Physical Description
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Yellow
Social Information
Title(s) Brightlord, Citylord
Family Rillir Roshone (son),
Laral Wistiow (presumed wife),
Meridas Amaram (distant cousin)
Occupation Landlord
Appears in The Way of Kings (flashbacks),
Words of Radiance (mentioned), Oathbringer

Brightlord Roshone is the citylord of Hearthstone.

He owns neither Shardplate nor a Shardblade. His allies are Brightlord Sadeas, his liege lord, and Brightlord Amaram, his distant cousin. [1][2]

Following the death of Brightlord Wistiow in 1166, Roshone was appointed as Hearthstone's citylord as a part of his exile conditions.[3]


He is described as a middle-aged man with a short, grey-streaked beard, and "a little too flabby to be a true soldier".[4]

He now wears a wooden foot on his right leg, and has lost weight. His skin droops on his figure like melted wax, bunching up at his neck.[3]

He has an imperious bearing and angry expression.[3]

Before ExileEdit

Roshone was a petty man, yet had become a trusted friend and advisor to King Elhokar.[2] Roshone owned a few silversmith shops in Kholinar and disliked having competition. Using his connections to the King, he was able to convince Elhokar to jail several of his competitors on trumped up charges. Two of these competitors were the grandparents of Moash, a Bridge Four soldier.[citation needed]

In discovering the treachery, Dalinar Kholin originally wanted Roshone stripped of his station and made a tenner, forced to live his life in squalor. However, fearing the political repercussions, he tried to diminish the chance of a scandal by having Roshone tried for corruption and exiled to Hearthstone, a location he assumed would keep Roshone from doing further harm to the kingdom.[2]

Time in HearthstoneEdit

From the very beginning, Roshone took exception to Hearthstone's surgeon, Lirin. Roshone blamed Lirin for Wistiow's death and, by extension, causing his own exile to Hearthstone.[4] He suspected Lirin had stolen a large number of spheres from Wistiow. However, unable to prove it, he used his position and influence to encourage the townspeople to stop their donations to Lirin's family, forcing the family into poverty.

Kaladin described Roshone's influence over the people as "a confusing mixture of adoration and fear". Lirin further describes Roshone as "unappeasable" and "the type who keeps kicking" once a man is down.[5] Roshone even suggested that if Lirin tried to escape Hearthstone he would contact the nearby citylords and tell them of the accused theft, a threat Lirin did not find frightening given his position as a surgeon.[citation needed]

Roshone and his son Rillir went on a whitespine hunt, where they were both badly injured. Lirin operated on them both and was unable to save Rillir.[6] Roshone blamed Lirin for the loss of his son and heir and forced Lirin's youngest son, Tien, into military service in revenge, using his connections with his cousin, Amaram. Kaladin joined Amaram's army as well, thinking to protect his brother.[citation needed]

Sometime later, Roshone became betrothed to Laral Wistiow. Their joining revealed that Lirin may have actually stolen the spheres though the legality of the matter is unclear; he had a previous agreement with Wistiow that he did not trust Roshone to honor.[citation needed]