This is a list of in-world books within the novel, Words of Radiance.

Unnamed VolumeEdit

The church of this era was suspicious of the Knights Radiant ... . Yet it relied upon the authority granted Vorinism by the Heralds. This created a dichotomy in which the Recreance, and the betrayal of the knights, was overemphasized. At the same time, the ancient knights - the ones who had lived alongside the Heralds in the shadowdays - were celebrated.

This makes it particularly difficult to study the Radiants and the place named Shadesmar. What is fact? What records did the church, in its misguided attempt to cleanse the past of perceived contradictions, rewrite to suit its preferred narrative? Few documents from the period survive that did not pass through Vorin hands to be copied from the original parchment into modern codices.

–From one of Jasnah Kholin's earliest published works as a full scholar.[1]

Words of RadianceEdit

The novel first appears in Chapter 6, when Jasnah presents Shallan with her copy so that she might learn more about the different Orders of the Knights Radiant. This copy is later lost in the shipwreck of the Wind's Pleasure[2] and Shallan sends Vathah and Gaz out to find a replacement once they reach the warcamps on the Shattered Plains. Unfortunately, this has to be ordered in from Kholinar, and does not arrive until Chapter 77, as the combined armies are about to make the final excursion across the Plains to find the Parshendi.


Among the Knights Radiant, there was an order known as the Lighweavers. I know precious little about them, but of all the sources I've read, this one has the most information.

–Jasnah to Shallan[3]


Excerpts from the book are used as the Epigraphs for Words of Radiance Part 3: Deadly (chapters 35 through 58).