Type Country
Location Jah Keved, Roshar
Inhabitants Bavlanders

Bavland is a small land bordering Jah Keved, southwest of the Horneater Peaks. Technically it is a part of the Jah Keved princedom, though it is mostly ignored by the Highprince.

Bavland has many small mines and villages. Took wanders through this area with Szeth, who is his slave; in the town of Ironsway, Took is killed and Szeth becomes the slave of the footpads that kill him.[1]

Notable PeopleEdit

  • Took[1]
  • Makkek[2]
  • Gavashaw - Szeth was sent to kill him on orders of Makkek for opening a competing gambling den. Instead Szeth met a soulcasting servant of his next Master.[2]

Places in BavlandEdit

  • Ironsway
  • Bornwater
  • Staplind
  • Kneespike


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