Biographical information
Race Unmade
Gender Female
Status Alive
Appears in Oathbringer (mentioned)

Ba-Ado-Mishram is one of the Unmade about whom little is, as yet, known.


Ba-Ado-Mishram has somehow connected with the parsh people, as Odium once did. She provides Voidlight and facilitates forms of power. Our strike team is going to imprison her.

–From drawer 30-20, fourth emerald[1]

I find Ba-Ado-Mishram to be the most interesting of the Unmade. She is said to have been keen of mind, a highprincess among the enemy forces, their commander during some of the Desolations. I do not know how this relates to the ancient God of the enemy, named Odium.

–From Hessi's Mythica, page 224[2]

There is very little information about Ba-Ado-Mishram in more modern times. I can only assume she, unlike many of them, returned to Damnation or was destroyed during Aharietiam.

–From Hessi's Mythica, page 226[3]