Type Nation/Kingdom
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Azish

Azir is a nation/kingdom in south-western Roshar. Ethnically Makabaki, the people from Azir are known as Azish. Azir is descended of Makabakam, the largest of the Silver Kingdoms.

Azir was suggested to be warmer than Alethkar, but cooler than Iri.[1] Legends there say that those who consume Azish truthberries speak only the truth until the next sunset.[2]


Fashion azir

Folio: Azish Public Servant Designs
Drawing by Dan dos Santos

Azish have dark brown skin and black hair and speak with a smooth accent.[3]

This folio page shows contemporary designs out of Azir, using local models. Though these are specifically male civil servant outfits, the styles have deeply influenced all Azish fashion.

Lift notes that important Azish folk wear big, drooping coats with really wide sleeves and patterns that argue with each other. She compares them to children who had snuck into their parents' wardrobe, but she thinks their hats to be 'nifty'.[4]


The Azish worship Yaezir, Kadasix of Kings, and hold in high esteem the Kadasixes, or Heralds, and their spoken word.[4]


Azir's ruler is the Prime Aqasix, who is elected by the viziers of the nation based on the applications they receive from those interested in the position. In the case of Gawx, the viziers determined that he had submitted the best application by performing the miracle of Regrowth (actually Lift's doing) and was thus named Prime.[4]

"He was dead and he returned.What better application could we ask for?" [4]

Notable PeopleEdit