Fan art by botanicaxu[1]

World Roshar
Magics Surgebinding (assumed)

The Almighty - or Tanavast - is/was a deity, widely worshipped on the continent of Roshar. His power stemmed from the Shard Honor, which presumably fuels the ten Surges. Tanavast was killed - or splintered[1] - by the Shard Odium sometime after the Oathpact was broken, which was a very long time ago.[2]

Whether this was Tanavast's design or not, millennia have passed without Rayse taking the life of another of the sixteen.[3]


The Almighty is worshipped by many of the religions on Roshar, chief amongst them is the Vorin faith, prevalent in the Vorin kingdoms in the east.

Within the Vorin belief system, the Almighty is the creator of all things.[4] He is an all seeing, all knowing god.[5] The embodiment of honesty, wholesomeness and purity.[6][7] He is also known as Elithanathile, a name spoken only by members of the Ardentia.[8]

He had another name, allowed to pass only the lips of ardents. Elithanathile. He Who Transforms.

Shallan's thoughts[8]

Theologians believe that the Almighty is locked in age-old struggle against the Voidbringers, monsters that once dwelled in the hearts of men, much as the Almighty once lived there.[6] Their Heralds (servants of the Almighty) fight to end the cycle of Desolations and reclaim what was lost. They are represented by the divine prism, with the ten facets representing each of the Heralds.[7]


He was able to foresee his own death and, through unknown means, provided a series of visions to warn of what may come to a worthy recipient: the True Desolation, the end of all by the hand of Odium.

"I am ... I was ... God. The one you call the Almighty, the creator of mankind. ... And now I am dead. Odium has killed me. I am sorry."

–Tanavast to Dalinar[2]

Whether Tanavast was solely responsible for the creation of mankind - of life itself, or whether he had assistance from Cultivation remains unknown.

Some of the many spren found on Roshar were created by Honor and Cultivation at some point before the Desolations began, by splintering themselves. After Odium killed Tanavast, Honor's bearer, he splintered Honor further, creating the many diverse spren found on modern Roshar.[9][10][11]

In Dalinar's vision, Tanavast said that the spren were responsible for the creation of the Knights Radiant.[2] It follows then that through his creation of spren, Tanavast also* indirectly created the Radiants in his own lifetime.


Honor was one of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium.


*See Ishar


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