Roshar - Alethkar
Drawing by Isaac Stewart
Type Nation/Kingdom
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Alethi

Alethkar is the largest kingdom on Roshar. Recently reunited, it is currently ruled by Elhokar Kholin, ostensibly from Kholinar (yet in truth from the Shattered Plains), and engaged in the War of Reckoning against the Parshendi. People from Alethkar are known as Alethi.


Silver Kingdoms

Map of Silver Kingdoms Epochs
Drawing by Isaac Stewart

Alethkar was founded as Alethela in the Silver Kingdoms Epoch. It survived the Desolations, but at an unknown point was fractured into the Princedoms.

For centuries, Alethkar was divided into ten self-governed Princedoms until King Gavilar Kholin conquered and united them. He was crowned first king since Sunmaker, who cast down the Hierocracy. When King Gavilar was assassinated by the Parshendi in 1167, his son, Elhokar, became King and declared war on the Parshendi.



Map of Alethkar Princedoms
Drawing by Isaac Stewart


The Alethi are native to Alethkar. They possess tan skin and pure black hair. They are a grand people with a natural nobility to them.[1] They follow the Vorin religion and are famous for their military heritage.

The men are tall and well made. Lighteyes men dress in dark coats that are elaborately embroidered, looking like generals on a field.[1]

Further information: Vorin Havah

Lighteyes women are even more splendid. They wear grand dresses, their bright colors a contrast to the dark tones favored by the men. The left sleeve of each dress is longer than the right, covering the left hand.[1] For women of age, this is their "safehand" and it is to be covered at all times. Common darkeyed women wear a glove instead of the safepouch lighteyes women wear.[2]

Women wear their hair pinned atop their heads, either in intricate braids or in loose piles. It is often woven with ribbons or ornaments, along with gems that glow with Stormlight.[1]

The Alethi class system is based on their eye color. Lighteyes are the noble, ruling class and darkeyes are the peasant, worker class. The lighteyes are ranked by dahn and the darkeyes are further ranked by nahn.

Amongst the Alethi, writing is a feminine art; men learn only glyphs, leaving letters and reading to their wives and sisters.[2]


The most prominent cities and towns in Alethkar include:





-Mourn's Vault

















An extensive article at goes into explicit detail of Alethi fashion specifically for cosplay here.


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