Biographical information
Nationality Kharbranthian
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Head Scholar
Appears in Words of Radiance

Adrotagia is both King Taravangian's head scholar and childhood friend whom he consults on The Diagram, a book written by himself in both his madness and genius on the topic of the unification of humankind, inclusive of instructions on how to do so.[1]


To the King, she is known as 'Adro' (i.e., Taravangian's boyhood nickname for her). The two of them grew up together. She uses his boyhood name, 'Vargo', when she addresses him.[1]

Present DayEdit

She doesn't like how emotional Taravangian becomes on his days of low intellect. She devised a graph which plots his intelligence; days of pure intelligence and ultimate stupidity are both rare. She determines that he spends most of his days with average intelligence.[1]